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We were honored to contribute to the theming of Busch Gardens’s new roller coaster, DarKoaster! We were proud to craft several theming elements, including the mixed media statue at the entrance of the ride made of foam, steel, and cement. Always eager to take on new challenges, we also created stained glass panels made of acrylic that contribute to the ride’s gothic aesthetic!

Giant Pumpkin

Firefly Scenic Studios was excited to design a giant, foam jack-o-lantern for the Smithsonian National Zoo! We designed the jack-o-lantern to have a steel frame to make installation and strike more efficient and easy.

Beanstalk and Photo op Wall

Our Beanstalk and accompanying photo op wall were featured in a place of honor at the entrance of Busch Gardens for their 2023 Howl-O-Scream 2023. The sculpture was constructed by creating a metal frame and surrounding it with foam.


After bringing Lolly the Bear to life, Pine Camp commissioned another sculpture to serve as an entryway for their upcoming sculpture garden and labyrinth! Nebulous is crafted from welded steel and stands 10 feet tall.

Angel Pole Mount Refurb

In addition to bringing brand new creations to life, we also can breathe new life into old creations! Busch Gardens requested our expertise to refurbish over 30 tinsel angel pole mounts. These angels were over 13 years old, and we were happy to give them a refreshed appearance so they can continue to bring peace and joy to Christmas Town.