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Available For Sale

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We are excited to announce that our custom scenic designs are now available for sale! Browse our diverse collection of beautifully crafted pieces and choose the perfect addition to your space. Please click the link below to discuss cost and shipping options.

The Mausoleum

The Mausoleum was shown in our 20x20 trade show booth at the 2023 TransWorld’s Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis, Missouri. Constructed of faux stone panels and wood, this eerie yet elegant installation combines both the ancient and the modern, with its gothic architectural elements and contemporary graffiti. Designed in multiple, interlocking parts for ease of installation and strike, The Mausoleum would be an excellent addition to bring a sense of wonder and mystery to your indoor haunt space!

Acrylic Coffin and Tomb

What would happen if the prince never came to awaken Snow White? This acrylic coffin and tomb answers that question in a haunting way, with striking attention to detail. We designed and crafted this sculptural element out of foam and cement to accompany our Mausoleum installation, but it could be adapted to fit many different themes, together or separately from the Mausoleum!

acrylic coffin 3
acrylic coffin2
Acrylic coffin
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